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Terms of service

PLEASE NOTE! Our prices, grades, colors, are subject to change without notice, as our stock is sold and replenished. Each individual ponytail may vary slightly; from each other according to length, grade, texture, and color, but we offer no implied guarantee. There is no way of determining specifically how each ponytail will be. 

For our raw virgin hair, quality differs from bundle to bundle and can be greatly affected by the donor’s health &/or nutrition. Please keep in mind, that most hair is collected from impoverished countries.

Our Let’s Get Kinky Collection is a designer custom bespoke collection, created to mimic the texture of Kinky Hair. Because of the customization, there can be slight variations in the curl patterns.

We sell in the metric system, and there are slight weight, and length differentiations in Metric to USA Standard conversions.

MINKTRESSES appreciates your purchase. We value our relationship with our customers. We are here to provide you with any information needed to make your purchase more secure.

HOWEVER, due to sanitary reasons, we can NOT accept returns or exchanges of our human hair, under ANY circumstances. Therefore, we ask that you ask any questions you may have before purchase of the product.

 All other products, jewelry, and other accessories are final sale.